27 March 2013

A Mighty Scrubbing

#238 /#56

Visited Alphabent in Dixon yesterday, both trikes stuffed - as usual - in the back of the Toyota Sequoia. I did try to stuff them in the Prius, but I think it would have only worked if I took off all 4 front wheels and my rear wheel. Didn't feel like that, so the Sequoia it was.

The mystery 'tick tick tick' that was driving Red Leader bonkers turned out to be an extremely simple thing: a too-long ziptie end (cadence sensor widget) on the left pedal tap tap tapping on the sole of his shoe. Shop Dude also worked his magic on Red Leader's chain line, my brakes, and installed a heavier spring for my rear suspension.

I hung out with Finn the Shop Poodle while all this was going on.

Today's ride reminded me how fun the Scorpion is when it is properly suspended: I could take corners fast enough and aggressively enough that my wheels scrubbed a bit. FUN!

We started in Folsom, near the parking garage (we start enough rides there that silly Strava thinks it is where I live and offered to make it a privacy zone) and headed out along the south side of Lake Natoma, bypassing the climb up Hazel and going instead over to Sunrise, then back again. It has been a while since I've ridden the south side of Lake Natoma from Hazel to Folsom. Those curves are FUN and the hills are not so bad any more. Red Leader concurs.

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