30 March 2013


#239 / #57

Red Leader has the sniffles from allergies, so we went riding today. Makes sense to me. If you're going to be all stuffy and somewhat miserable, might as well go have fun. The trail was busy, so a different congestion.

My left knee is feeling odd, so we took a more leisurely pace from Sunrise to Wm. Pond and back. While at our turn around point, we met another triker, on a Greenspeed, who remembered me from last years TARTAR but who I did not remember. He had a very pretty flag from SoundWind.

After the ride, my knee is feeling OK, so I will be extra careful stretching for the next few days.

We thought the tick tick tick noise had gone on Red Leader's machine had gone, but it is back. Phoo. It is also time to lube my chain again. Maybe tomorrow.


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