02 March 2013

Rollin' with the weirdos


Finally, finally, finally I got out again on the 1st Saturday ride with the recumbent riders of Sacramento. It was a fairly large group, drawn out by the predicted high of 70F, or maybe the stars aligned properly, or - I know! - because I was there!

And this time, I mostly kept up. I got several comments like "you've gotten a lot faster". And I have, but my real secret is to disappear for most of a year: makes the contrast do the work.

I saw lots of couples and families out riding together. Or walking. Or jogging. That just makes me happy - and I did miss Red Leader, peacefully asleep as our ride started.

One family rolled by with two kids on their bikes, and the littlest one in a kiddy trailer - with his tiny bright blue bike strapped to the back of the trailer. How cute!

Also saw a pair of rollerbladers, walking, RBs in hand, along the trail. Blisters? Fatigue? We'll never know.

I got much useful advice about my trike - I will be switching to a stiffer spring or a fancy air shock for the rear suspension, can't decide: must read up. And I will for sure be getting a new triple in front, still with short cranks, but with a 22 instead of a 26 for the granny.

Did I say this already? This is the first bike I've had long enough to actually wear out parts like the middle chainring. I'm kind of stoked!

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