03 March 2013


#232 / #50

Spring is here. The fruit trees are blooming all along the American River and my nose is drip drip dripping away.

Yes, ANOTHER ride today. AGAIN on the American River Parkway (I've decided to emphasize the multi-use nature of the trail from now on, so no more "bike" in the name for me). BUT in the company of only ONE weird bike.

Sooooo, between today ride and yesterday's and the previous rides, I've ridden more than 70 miles this week. Take that, former couch potato!

AND I signed up for the Delta Century in May. I'm going to do the metric version, so 62 miles. I hope it is not terribly windy that day. I've done a metric before. And this one has a ferry crossing onto one of the islands in the Delta. Cool!

Red Leader and I set out to the west from William Pond, riding 17 some miles to the I-80 overpass. If RL's knee had not started bothering him, and if I had not gone 30 miles the day before, we might have tried for Mile 0. But it was and I had so we did not.

Red Leader has a new toy, the brim-only version of Da Brim, an add-on to one's cycling helmet that provides a much larger brim than the visor supplied with a helmet. He likes it. I'm glad. (I use a long-billed baseball cap under my helmet). If I had a "normal" helmet, sculpted with aero-whatsits and lots of ventilation, I might go for one. But I have a Nutcase helmet that I like very much so I'll stick to my ball cap.

I do want to figure out a way to keep the sun off the sides of my neck so I think I'll be constructing some homemade neck shield out of sunblocking fabric. I'll look even stranger, but it beats skin cancer.

With that CHEERY thought, I'm outta here.

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