23 March 2013

The Great Experiment

Today was an experimental bicycling photography ramble for a bicycling Meetup group I'm involved in.
I'm second from the left.

This was my big idea, and I believe it was a moderately successful experiment. The idea was to take a horribly long time to bicycle 11 miles, photographing whatever we found interesting.

I brought way too much stuff.

The first half of the loop is the most interesting

It is also the easiest to keep out of the way of other path users, so by our lunch stop, we decided to just ride on - nonstop.

Anyway, I had about 1/2 no-shows from the signups but the 3 people who dragged themselves out of bed to join me for coffee and pastries (or whatever) at the cafe before we got on the paved multi-use path at 8am seemed to have a good time.

It was about 40 degrees at 8am, warming to near 60 at noon.
We proceeded to loaf our way around Lake Natoma (a wide spot in the American River near Folsom, CA formed by the Nimbus Dam), stopping wherever and whenever we felt like it.

Poison Oak is everywhere. I stayed out of it.

There are times I wish I could "do" dirt on my trike. Next time I might rent a mt bike for this ride.

Loitering at the overlook above the river,

we were entertained and astounded by the rowing meet. Boatloads of rowers are LOUD and FAST.
Boy, do they yell. It was pretty exciting. I was rooting for the home team (in green).

At lunch, loafed in my home-made hammock

I got the hairy eyeball for daring to bring a hammock when I already had a lounge chair on wheels.
Hey. I like my comfort.

Then it was up and over the Hazel Bridge to the other side of the lake.

and back to our starting point.

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