16 March 2013

The Slough Slew


The Super Duper, Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy ride today. 7.4 miles at an average of 8mph. I could almost hear the Strava app on my phone sniff in disdain.

But, the four people who came out to join me seemed to have a good time. Two probably felt hampered by the slow pace, one pulled her cute dog in a trailer so it was just right, and one was just a tad challenged with her newish mountain bike and some fit issues.

The birds were singing, flowers blooming, and lots of people out walking and riding. Our route took us down along Willow Creek, which is remarkably slough-like this time of year, full of reeds and other swampy things. An older gentleman commented as we were cruising along the creek "There's a whole slew of you." And how could I resist that for a post title. "Slough can be pronounced several ways, one of which rhymes with "slew". I usually have it rhyme with "thou".


My new mountain triple is marvelous. I also laid my seat back all the way, which makes it even more imperative that I get a stiffer spring for my rear shock since more of my weight is on that spring. I did have some chaintube strangeness, with the chain hanging up a bit in certain gear combos, but I'll swap out the spring before I worry about that too much.

Tomorrow, probably riding with Red Leader. YAY.

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