10 March 2013

(Un)real Life


Sometimes, real life (a fictional and suspect concept, IMO) gets in the way of bike riding.

Red Leader and I had this thing this past weekend to do down in the Santa Cruz hills. So a lot of the time we'd normally be riding our trikes was preempted by the real life. For example, on Friday, when the dog sitting thaing was smack in the middle of prime afternoon bike riding, Red Leader went out by himself (we'll increment his ride count the next time we ride together) and I did the dog-transfer (we board our dog when we go out of town).

And our Santa Cruz expedition also brought us home at 11:30pm standard time. We got home, set the clocks forward another hour, and crashed.
I got up this morning 5 1/2 hours later to lead the Lake Natoma loop. RL shut off his alarm and rolled over. (This afternoon RL went out for a solo ride, so doubly incremented!)

Anyway, I had 7 intrepid riders out today: beautiful sunny calm 60 degree weather and a running event! Thankfully, the trail was not closed so we carefully made our way through the runners' turn around point and went on our merry way.

I benefited from my several days off the trike, charging up hills and staying in my big ring more often than usual.

A ride (or two) this week I hope then on Thursday I'll get a new mountain triple! Yay!

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