13 March 2013

Voyage of Discovery

#234 / #52

Red Leader's longest ride to date!


27.5 miles, from Wm Pond to mile 0 (Discovery Park).

He was on FIRE, cruising along sometimes at 15mph. I attribute this to his new shorts: the Commuter unpadded shorts from Aerotech designs. 12% spandex and the rest lightweight quick drying nylon - perfect for a ride on a day with the spring heat wave of 75 degrees F.

The rest of the ride presented to you in sound bites (and sight bites and smell bites). Ok. That did not work.

Possibly homeless dude shouted the strangest thing I've heard yet: "Do you get roadrash on your butt riding those?"
Kids: "I like your bike". Me: "I like my bike too."
Persistent tick tick tick tick sound from Red Leader's trike. We'll let the bike shop figure that one out. I'm stumped.

A truly truly stinky porta john.
Strong smell of swamp.
Lovely juicy orange smell.

Saw several pacelines, a jackrabbit, and several spots where spring blossoms had fallen and collected alongside the trail.


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