07 April 2013

Goose air-strip


The Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy ride today (7 miles in Flat Folsom)

2 congenial folks came along for the ride, one Repeat Offender and one New Person.

Lots of birds today: mallards, Canadian Geese, redwing blackbirds, egret, mocking bird, and lots more heard but not identified.

We got a couple of great views of geese (and one mallard) coming in for landings on water. The birds were heading right towards us, so we got a great view of their feet and wings splayed out.

I assumed that the blackbirds we saw would be the tricolored birds, but now I'm not sure.  Ah HA! After referring to the Audubon site, and having my feeble memory refreshed, we here in California's central valley have a population of redwing blackbirds that do not have the yellow trimming on their red flashes. Which goes very far in explaining why I didn't see yellow today.

Many many walkers and dogs and children and even (a rare sight on Folsom's city bike paths) a horde of identically spandex-clad folk on road bikes, grimly riding along. I doubt they noticed a single bird.

The section of MUP (multi-use-path) leading down to the wetlands from the corner of Green Valley and East Natoma street is getting a face-lift: a retaining wall is under construction. It will be nice, since that section of path tends to have a lot of water across it in the rain, along with mud and grit. I wonder if they will tear up the bike path to insert drainage under it? I would, but then I'm not in charge, am I?

And, it did not rain on us. There was nice sunshine and a cool breeze - perfect riding weather.

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