06 April 2013

Gray(t) Day

#241 / #59

It did not rain on us today, but it did mist a bit while we were driving down to the trail.

It is Turkey Time on the trail. Someday, I'm sure I'll have a turkey-powered mishap. But not today.

The threat of rain kept some people off the trail, so mostly we saw semi-serious speedy cyclists. A couple of two wheeled recumbents. No handcycles or unicycles today, and some family groups.

Also a whole long string of teenaged? boys (the older I get the harder time I have sorting out ages), no helmets and no obvious adult leader-type so probably not scouts. It was good to see a bunch of youth out from in front of the flatscreen (OMG - am I getting that old?! I'm pretty soon going to be yelling "Damn kids! Get off my lawn!"

Red Leader was a bit tired from Wednesday's frantic pace, and my left knee is still adjusting to my new laidback posture. So we went only from Sunrise to Wm. Pond and back.

Tomorrow's easy peasy lemon squeezy ride might be cancelled due to rain. Won't know 'til later.


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