25 April 2013

hamma-hamma-hamma-hamma-Hamster Time!

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Wednesday, April 24th

Red Leader and I set out rather late in the day since it was around 90 degrees today. Hello, Spring!

We started at Sunrise and went to Watt, turned around and came back. My average speed was 13.9 - just 1/10 of a mile from the elusive 14mph. My top speed was 21.something, coming down the bridge to Wm Pond.

I got 11 achievements on Strava (meaning I had one of my top three times to date on 11 different segments). Two were Personal Records. (smug)

At Watt, something happened to my front derailler and I could no longer shift into my big ring. So I spent the time on the way back pedaling like a rodent on speed, stuck in my middle ring, keeping my cadence quite a bit higher than I would normally - around 95 (no cadence meter for me - I derived this number by plugging my components and speed into Sheldon Brown's Gear Calculator). Anyway, enough that I could occasionally feel one foot lose the smooth circling of pedaling and bounce around in the shoe for a moment.

It was a great aerobic workout.

I'm imagine how fast I'll be if I could pedal like that in my biggest gear ....

Off to the garage to fix my derailler, then off the the bike shop if I can't get it sorted.

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