27 April 2013


#248 / #65

Red Leader and I hopped in the car and grabbed some donuts on our way down for Day 2 of TARTAR (Trikes and Recumbents on the American River Trail - or something like that).

We all lined up for the big photo shoot. I think there were 30 riders by the time we reached William Pond (some joined us there).

We stopped at Wm Pond for a break.

Then back on the trail again.

Red Leader and I turned around at Campus Commons (near the golf course) and beat our way up stream. I did not eat anything after the donuts and that was a mistake.
I got slower, and slower, and slower, and s   l   o     w               e                  r. Until I finally stopped to eat some oranges.

Arriving back and Wm Pond, I ate the rest of the orange and some jerky, and dragged myself in RL's wake back to Zinfandel and Olson. Where there is a Waffle shop. Where we ate lunch.

I finished inhaling my food and felt much better.

On our way home, we stopped at REI and picked up a Headsweat for RL to wear under his helmet to keep the sun off his thinning scalp. And I bought a refillable gel bottle to experiment with making my own gel shots for future rides.

I did decide that I will do the shorter 25 mile ride on the Delta Century next weekend. I don't know that I'm up for 65 flat miles yet this season.

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