13 April 2013

Whoops! I did it again

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For only the third time since I've been leading group rides, I lost someone. She just plain disappeared between our last regroup and our turn.  She sent me a nice message after, describing that she had figured out how to get back so apparently I don't have to deal with the "Bad Leader! No Biscuit!" thing. Dodged that again.

Last Saturday would have been the Sacramento Recumbent Riders 1st Sat ride, to which we (Red Leader and I) were planning on attending, but the trail was closed for a Very Large running event. So the 1st Sat ride was moved to this weekend.
When, as it happened, I'd already scheduled a ride with another group, the Lake Natoma Loop with the Hammerin' Wheels Casual group. Boo hoo.

However, the cycling gods smiled on us and the recumbent riders (most of them, anyway) caught up with our group at our last regroup. So we got to say HI anyway.
They were a mite puzzled that we were contentedly hanging out with road bikes! and mountain bikes! but I imagine they'll get over it.

It was in the mid 70s I think, very little breeze, slightly hazy but otherwise a nice sunny day for a ride.

There were a lot of people out today, so we got to practice announcing ourselves and dodging around walkers.

Red Leader commented that this ride now seems slow to him. Well, no surprise there, he's been riding his trike for nearly a year now. Bound to get some faster.

My left ankle is still bothering me a little bit, but I don't think it is a boom length issue. I will continue to ice and so on.


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