31 May 2013



I was out far longer today than I had planned. My Nike Dryfit sunblocking shirt kept most of the sun off my arms, but I am a little pink. I eschewed the sun leggings and applied sunscreen 3 times. My legs above my knees are a bit pink but not bad. I pulled my Columbia cooling buff thing up over my neck, jaw and earlobes so only my face near my nose was exposed. And it was liberally slathered (is that redundant?) with sunscreen.

When I apply sunscreen trailside without the benefit of a mirror, the results are pretty strange. I don't know if my buff pulled up over my face or my shining white gloppy nose (finally observed with utter horror in a trailside restroom many miles later) was why I got such strange looks today.

I rode, by the way, from Karen's Bakery in Folsom to the railroad trestle past I-80 and back again. 49 miles. 4 and 1/2 hours moving time. I think I left the parking garage at 8:45 and got back at 2:45? Something like that. A lot of time outside, anyway.

I saw three other trikes: 2 recumbents with one rider each, and an unoccupied 'adult' tricycle parked by the trail. Between the three 'bent trikes, we represented a good slice of trike-dom - one touring trike with middle of the road recline, one very reclined Cattrike, and a very upright and high-seat trike with basically armrests. Cool!

I had another interesting conversation with a couple of boys. They were dying to talk to me about the trike, so I invited them (with their mom's permission) to do so.

I was VERY VERY HAPPY to see the parking garage at the end of my ride, and even happier to stuff my face at Karen's. The deli case there was quite depleted. Turns out that the rowing teams who were competing all weekend at Nimbus Flats were staying at the hotel down the road from Karens. Rowers EAT. I had a curried tuna sandwich. Yum yum yum!

I will probably lay off the bike for a few days - it will be quite hot and I would like to have some 'legs' left for my upcoming backpacking trip.

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