08 May 2013

Bug city

#254 / #67

Red Leader and I couldn't think of where to ride, so we defaulted to our default: Lower Sunrise, from which we zipped to Watt and then zipped back.

The bugs were out. I snorted one up my nose, like getting water up your nose while swimming but wigglier! Several more bounced off my glasses or face. If I was at the appropriate angle to the sun, I could notice the clouds of bugs before I rode through them and stop breathing for a while.

Speaking of breathing, part of the bike trail was green with pollen. I take allergy meds all year out here and am very glad for them this time of year.

We saw a charming and very fast white velomobile twice, another trike twice, and a couple of 2-wheeled 'bents. I think one of them was a fellow I see on the First Saturday rides - his dopplering hello sounded like he recognized me.

We were passed by a large group of road bikes in a paceline. The leader had the loudest 'on your left' I have ever heard. So, being in a cheerful and puckish mood, I bellowed my very loudest 'thank you' right back.

CU and remember, rubber side down.

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