18 May 2013

Down with Moderation!

#258 / #71

17 miles today. Only 110 more miles to go in May. 60 of those will be on the Hammerin' wheels "Green Smoothie" century, of which I am doing 30 with the group, then 30 on my own to get back to the start. So, that means 5 miles a day, or 10 miles every other day, or 25 a week for the rest of May. I can do that.

I rode on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Moderation is something I don't get, not at all.

All or nothing, that's me.

Red Leader and I are wandering around the house now, lamenting about our toasted quads. Feels good.

I'll try to get 15 of my 25 miles in on Monday, then the usual ride on Wednesday with Red Leader, then metric century madness!


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