25 May 2013



I didn't ride on Wednesday, saving all my mojo for today's longer ride - 45 miles, I think.

My problems pushing my bike forward (felt like permanent uphill last ride) were do to a deflating rear tire. I have difficulty getting the business end of the pump off of the Schrader valve on the back wheel. The fender and fender stays limit the places I can put the valve for filling, and the bike frame does also. And I suppose I'm chicken about bashing my knuckles into the gears. Which I have done more than once.

When I pulled the flat tube out, the hole was right at the base of the valve stem. Thinking back on that ride, I did have some trouble getting the pump to let go.

So I finally switched that wheel out to a Presta-valved tube. Much better. I used one of the metal type of hole filler, which is actually quite a bit longer than it needs to be, making the available valve stem almost too short. I shall experiment with hacksawing one of the other ones shorter, then when I feel like wrestling the back wheel off again, I'll swap it out.

Today ride started at 7am. It is the Hammerin' Wheels' DIY century ride, no fee and no support. Cue sheets and leaders/sweeps are provided. 50 riders? Me the only recumbent.

I went into this ride knowing I'd turn around at the first official rest stop. And I was the slowest one there, even on this century designed for beginner century riders - pace 13-15mph. I averaged just exactly 13mph before I got myself slightly lost in downtown Sacramento.  I undid what got me lost, and took the parkway trail all the way to mile 0 instead of spending more time wandering around C, 19th, 12th, E whatever in Sacramento.

Then, for the 23 or so miles back, I loafed along at maybe 12mph.

Strava's Android app ate my ride again: probably when I either checked the map or sent a text. Hopefully, the support folks can retrieve it like they did last time.

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