05 May 2013

I can't believe how fast you are on that thing


Stockton Bicycle Club Delta Century ride today. I did the 1/4 century, as promised.

It was windy, but not as windy as the recent Bike Around the Buttes ride. The route zigzagged northwest, with the west roads into the wind and the north roads with a less annoying crosswind. Then it zigzagged southeast - still cross winds southbound, but helpful tailwinds eastbound.

The rest stop was at the 15 mile mark, and I suppose I needed the two orange segments and the 1/2 muffin I ate, because I took off like my tail was on fire for the last 10 miles, destroying yet another diamond frame rider's preconception that recumbent trikes are always slow on the flats. I did tell him that I had not maxed out, which would be 18mph at my current fitness level. Which was just bragging on my part.

Smasher of Stereotypes! Pulverizer of Preconceptions!

The event was graciously hosted by Jessie's Grove Winery (really nice zinfandel there - how could I not wine taste when in Lodi's wine country?) with music and a lunch provided.

I don't know if it was the wine or the relaxing atmosphere, but the DJ/MC fellow had the hardest time getting answers to some trivia questions from the crowd (for $15 gift certs from RoadId).

Family giving thanks before eating

The very first and last segment of the ride was through the vineyard, on an indifferently paved track that was mostly great swaths of gravel.

Some of it quite deep. My trike, even with baldie tires, had no problem, although I enjoyed one spectacular fishtail through a gravel-filled pothole. I felt a little bad for the skinny tire bike riders pushing their rides (or carrying them) through the gravel.

The parking was on a mowed field. After unloading my trike, I crept back over it towards registration in my most granniest gear, the bumps and ruts in the field interacting amusingly with my suspension. My own personal carnival ride!

The roads were rather empty of traffic with fairly good shoulders and nice long sight lines. The few road crossings (two way stop only) and left turns were no problem at all.

I chatted with a fellow in a Arrogant Bastard Ale jersey several times during the ride. His jersey was totally false advertising. As usual, everyone I interacted with was super dandy and nice. He was wondering if his wife would like a trike. She originally got him into cycling but her health issues prevent her from riding a conventional bike much anymore. I will admit that my exhibition of unnecessary speed was motivated by that conversation.

I also talked a bit with a rider Red Leader and I had seen on the Buttes ride.

I left the house at 6:35am for this ride - far far too early for Red Leader. But when I came back from my ride, he was out somewhere on his own ride! (I can tell because his trike is not in the garage and his bike clothes are gone from the dryer.) I wonder he took advantage of today's no-motor-vehicle traffic closure of a scenic road in Folsom. I hope so.

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