16 May 2013


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16 May, 2013

Riding as we do largely on the local long MUP (multiuse path) we see many people: bicyclists, walkers, equestrians, skateboarders, roller bladers, even those weird mobile stair step machines. But on our trikes, we only get to interact with them briefly, unless we are traveling in the same direction and are either being passed or passing, or bellowing extremely loudly to have a conversation. Of course, we could stop altogether, but that's hardly the point of a bike ride.

So are the occasional shouted comments like "nice bike," "where do you keep the beer," "I want one," "thanks for the flag," "get a flag," "get a real bike" real interactions? I don't know, because they are one way. I hear them, but I don't get a chance to respond. Maybe I get a chance to contribute a big grin or a thumbs up or a single finger or a shouted "asshole". I'm not particularly proud of the last two, but I do have a temper.

Anyway, enough philosophizing. Red Leader and I buzzed up and down the American River Parkway Trail from Sunrise to Watt and back. I was truly irritated when my Strava app failed to upload my data and apparently lost it altogether (temper, temper). But I got over it.

Next bike ride is to the dentist for a cleaning. Maybe that's why I was grumpy yesterday.

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