01 May 2013

pooL eht pooL

#250 / #66

Being a bit bored with Sunrise to Wm Pond, we did the Natoma loop backwards from our usual way, heading out across the Folsom Auburn bridge, then down to the Hazel Bridge.

Red Leader took the old ramp up to the upstream side of the bridge and I, being tired from yesterday's 1100 feet of climbing, headed to the other side of the bridge via the curvy ramp to the top, rocking the middle/little combo. We met up at the Nimbus Flats boat launch, where they are already setting up for a special event for the weekend.

I tried some homemade goo to keep me going and it was pretty good. From Clelland's "Ultralight Backpackin' Tips," it is mostly brown rice syrup with some cashew butter, protein powder, and salt. I've been puzzling over how to stay fueled and not feel crappy from too much food on a long ride. Usually I eat a combo of fresh orange pieces, dried fruit, nuts, and jerky. That's fine, but on a ride longer than 20 miles it is too much in my stomach. I think this goo is going to be good.

I'll take a few days off to let my poor legs recover and then do the shortest ride the Delta Century offers: 25 miles, instead of the 60 I had originally planned on.

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