16 May 2013

Rain?! in May!!!


Last time I was at the dentist's office (across our small town) I said I would ride my bike there for my next teeth cleaning.

So I did.

Preceded by a frantic closet excavation for my winter tights.

It was misty/drizzle, the kind that is light enough the pavement under the heaviest tree cover stays dry. About 60 degrees and little to no wind.

I was a little tired from my previous 2 consecutive days of bike riding, so I made liberal use of my smallest chain ring, creeping up hill and coasting down hill.

I wore a lightweight wool Ibex shirt under my bright windbreaker, and had a summer-weight wicking poly day glo shirt to wear on the way back, figuring it would be warmer and I'd be working harder since it is more up than down back to my house.

Looking forward to a ride or two this weekend.

Rubber side down, everybody.

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