29 May 2013


#261 / #74

Finally, Red Leader and I on the same ride at the same time! The heavens resounded with choirs of angels (one hopes they were in tune).

We "loafed" around Folsom on our old route through neighborhoods on the many twisty trails. Red Leader is a bit of a speed freak. I would rather he kept it below 15 all the time on these trails.

Saw a woman on a cruiser type bike returning from the grocery store, her handlebars loaded down with dangling plastic grocery bags.

Many children on bikes and skateboards and feet. Dogs, on and off leash. Other bicyclists - one crouching roadie and many mountain-cruiser-comfort types.

We had a lively conversation with a couple of kids at the skate/BMX park. The city has built a very popular huge pile of dirt in a neighborhood park, attracting kids like bees to flowers.

The two boys were full of questions about the trikes, every third statement was "can I pleaaaaaaase try it?" We declined. I doubt the kid could have reached the pedals anyway. One had heard of Greenspeed trikes. The other was alarmed at the closeness of the derailler to the ground (long cage, 20" wheels). I was told I need new tires since there is no tread left! So I pointed out the wear indicator dimples. We discussed crashing and cornering and the kids were wondering if we were going to try the dirt.

Sorry kids, you are not going to be entertained with two old farts on trikes spinning out on the side of a pile of dirt.
Now, if I had a bike with at 26 in back ...

47 more miles to go for May. Tomorrow is filled with errands, so it looks like I will be emulating those college freshmen I used to tutor: finishing at the very last moment on Friday.

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