14 May 2013

Stray stay


Took off around 8am (an hour later than I had planned) but it was still cool enough in Folsom. I went around Lake Natoma "backwards" again, crossing the Folsom Auburn bridge, north shore, the Hazel Bridge, then south shore.

I saw more walkers than bikers.

I did see another triker, with cool spinning disks on his flag pole. He was riding with two jersey-kitted diamond frame riders who quizzed me about mounting waterbottles behind the seat.

Some squirrels, no snakes.

I'm a little behind logging miles for May is Bike Month, but I'll do a longish ride with Red Leader tomorrow, then ride to a dental appointment, then probably two rides this weekend, which should catch me up nicely.

(I went camping this last weekend which explains my 'no posts' but I'll tell you that Red Leader went out twice without me.)

Off to the garage to reattach my rear fender stay. It held in place for more than 2 years with some blue loctite but it is time to reapply it now.


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