23 June 2013

Aw, crumbs!

18 June, 2013


So, I totally forgot to write this post. And the next one. So IOU 3, count 'em, THREE posts.

Tuesday's ride was from our local auto service center to the house. The SVU needed an oil change and some work on the 4WD system. So I slogged up the hill from the auto place, dodged gracefully through the world's worst bicycle/car/light/freeway off ramp exit intersection, then hit Durock road.

Which had been recently coated with gravel for the famous and famously uncomfortable chipseal process.

Where do I usually go to let cars pass me? The shoulder.

Where does the extra gravel end up? The shoulder.

I was glad that not all of Durock was gravel-enhanced. Eventually, it turned into nice new smooth pavement with shoulders free of gravel and I zipped through downtown Cameron Park and then home.

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