23 June 2013

Houston, we have issues.

19 June, 2013

#267 / #78

Red Leader and I couldn't think of where else to go, so we set out for Sunrise on the American River Parkway Trail. We unloaded, setting out for Wm. Pond or Watt.

I turned around after about a 1/2 mile since I had had to stuff the chain back in place at the idler, and I could not get it to work the way I wanted.

I hate crouching on the side of the trail, putzing around with my trike.

So I spent a rather entertaining afternoon watching increasing numbers of law enforcement vehicles arrive at the park.

Oh, didn't I say? When we arrived, there was a sedan 'parked' against a tree in the middle of the lot. Every tree is surrounded by a little concrete parking berm box.

The car's horn was blooooooooooooooooooooooooowing. Nonstop. Quite distressing.

No one was taking responsibility for the car, but there were a lot of gawkers.

Eventually, after 4 local police cars, one highway patrol, and a really huge ladder truck (fire engine) had come and gone, the tow truck showed up and slowly and steadily hauled the car off of the concrete berms. Very noisy.

Red Leader had an uneventful ride, and I worked on my trike the next day, in my nice clean quiet garage.

To replace the chain between the idler and the chain keeper, I find it necessary (with the Terracycle idler) to remove the whole assembly and put it back together properly.

I had gotten it together, but I think I lost one of my shims (washers) on the side of the trail, because now the idler is rubbing on the part of the seat that is clamped in the quick release.

I want to see about getting new chain tubes and to find out if my rear cassette needs replacing, so I stuck the old worn down Velotechnick idler back and and suffered with the noise on my next ride.

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