23 June 2013

Sunrise Scramble


No, this is not an exotic American Diner dish, but my latest attempt at a new group ride for the casual biking group I volunteer with.

I advertised it as a faster paced ride, shooting for an average of 12-13mph. Apparently, the cool weather is good for me because my average was 13.7mph.

3-4 riders kept up with me the whole time and the other 5 or 6 turned around or dropped back or something. However, folks seemed to enjoy it and have asked to do it again.

I saw no rangers with LIDAR on the trails. And there was an encouraging article in the Sacramento Bee detailing all the citations the park service is handing out. Including homeless camping and off-leash dogs! Yay! I feel like less of a target today.

I have concluded, for now, that it not too much hassle to keep my speed just under 15mph and I get a good workout. Someday I'm sure I'll be busted going 20 off the end of a long downhill, but I'll worry about that later.

I got my daily laugh and a little ego boost as well. Two people on the ride (two who kept up) commented that they expected "that thing" (my trike) to be slow. Ha ha ha. Weren't they surprised!

ta ta for now.

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