15 June 2013

The unUsual suspects

#265 / #77

Today, Red Leader and I lead a nice large (10 total) group around Lake Natoma today. Roadies, partially reformed mountain bikers, and one upright-posture bike with one of those neat noseless saddles. Some old friends and some new.

No one got lost, or even slightly misplaced, and there was lots of conversation going on at our two rest stops, so I Declare the Ride A Success!

The East Lake Natoma Trail (on the south side of the river) was moderately busy, as was the American River Parkway Trail proper (on the north side). In lieu of my usual long-winded safety reminders, I just said, "walkers have the right of way." "Don't be jerks." And that was all.

Lovely warm day, bright sunshine, and very little breeze. I managed, finally, to get up the hill before Negro Bar in my middle chain ring! Yay me!

Rubber side down, and CU later!

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