02 July 2013

Bunny hop


It is hot hot hot here. Like triple digits. So I dragged myself out of bed at 4am, walked the dog, and hit the trail at 5am.

It was nice, about 75 degrees and no sun beating down on my head.

Lots of wildlife: deer (with and without antlers), jack rabbits, and cottontails. For some reason, the cottontails like to hang out on the trail. So every once in a while, a piece of the trail would leap up and hop away. At least, that's what it looked like in the pre-dawn dim. I also raced a jackrabbit. I won.

I used my B&M headlight and just the plain non-blinking tail light (also B&M). I need to remember how to adjust the headlight so it is lighting up the trail instead of the shrubs and trees (set for street riding, not trail riding).

I had with me a small CREE flashlight and a replacement Cherry Bomb tail light (replacing the one I lost a few years ago). I didn't take the time to attach either one before my ride. I just wanted to RIDE! Not futz around with lights.

After my ride, I worked out a possible attachment of the flashlight to my helmet (so I have a light that points where I look), using a Twofish block, and discovered that the new version of the Cherry Bomb comes with a seat-stay clamp that perfectly fits on my headrest. I want my second tail light as high as possible on the trike so this will be perfect.

When I got home, I checked all the batteries with the voltmeter and charged up the low ones. Now I'm all ready for another dawn patrol!

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