17 July 2013


#276 / #82

Ugh. Stupid digestion.

I turned around after 4 miles today because my stomach was upset. I don't know why, sometimes it just does this.

And to top it off (except this was before, so should it be top it on? or bottom it off? Or what? Anyway...) I had a flat. Right front, a seam in the tube gave way. Not worth patching. The metal collar-thing to fill in the hole in the rim from Schrader to Presta works fine in the HP Velotechnick rims. So now I'm running with 2 Presta tubes and 1 Schrader.

But, insult to injury, the collar on the pump head of my little Topeak Road Morph pump is AWOL. I can get a replacement collar. Fortunately, we were at the car still so I had a choice of Red Leader's little pump or our floor pump that knocks around in the car. I went for the floor.

So, by the time I got to Hagen Park and told Red Leader I was going to turn around, I was a trifle cranky. What, Me!? Cranky? Whodathunk.

So I signaled left turn and a pack of female roadies looked like they were going to ignore my signal and pull out into me. So I said, "Turning!" with a little emphasis. And the lead roadie said, "Oh, you're turning!" And I said, "Yes, that's what the arm was. Weird, huh?" Just a little bit of sarcasm there.

I hope Sunday's ride isn't called due to heat. I might sneak out some morning and see if I can top Red Leader's brand new 14mph average speed record for our Sunrise/WmPond run.

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