12 July 2013

Mumbles and the Speed-Freak

Thursday, 11 July

#273 / #80

I'll tell you, trying to drink from a water bottle with a bite valve is no fun after having three fillings replaced. I'm a wimp and require numbing for dental work beyond cleanings.  I had no idea how often I took sips of water while riding along, especially while trying to keep up with Red Leader, who was on FIRE yesterday. So I would slow way down, unscrew the bottle's top, and glug. Then try to catch up Red Leader.

Catching up was problematic also, since some of my hip flexors (muscles that pull your thigh to your torso - and that NEVER happens on a recumbent, no no) were tired from a 6 1/2 mile hike two days before. Most of the power I produce comes from the push stroke, but some does come from the pull. I figure about 2mph. Also, not being able to pull back as much put more pressure on my feet. So, if you are new to riding and the bottoms of your feet are always sore or numb, take heart! It will just take some time to develop those pulling muscles.

Also it was hot and a little windy.

But I had fun And 'cycling helped the numbness depart faster, so I could almost drink from the bottle on the way back.

Red Leader finally got Strava working on his phone (he had to kill the app and reboot, the invoke the app again) and, even though I lagged behind him quite a bit, Strava still recognized that we were on the same ride.
So at dinner he started comparing our times on the segments. Some he has a faster time on (segments with lots of curves, since I'm a bit cautious) and some I do (uphills - especially the River Pond Park Bridge segment, where somehow I managed a 1:18 time at some point in the past and his was significantly slower than that. Neener neener.

Easy peasy ride tomorrow with the Casual Riders and then who knows!

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