13 July 2013

Parkway Promenade


Today was the once-monthly easy-peasy ride through Folsom's bike paths. The Local Folsom Resident referred to them as the Parkway. I like that. I'm keeping it.

I had 2 1/3 no shows (one no show also did not bring his +1 so I'm counting that as 1/3 for no reason that I can justify). I warned people before the ride not to take the corners too fast since you'd never know what was around them. And indeed I, in the lead, did NOT clobber a todder, and did NOT slalom into a small dog, and did NOT bash into a bike (on the wrong side of the path).

It was 75 when we left and 80 when we came back. Sunny, a little hazy, not much breeze to speak of. The water is very low and there have been two fires in the last couple of weeks on the Parkway trails, according to The Local Folsom Resident.

I stopped by Alphabent after the ride (I drove down to Sacramento) to pick up the new OEM waterbottle adapter and cages for my mesh seat. They turned out not to work as my water bottles are very tall. Or maybe the cages were installed on the mounts upside down. I'll float that idea by Hugh when I see him next. Anyway, I didn't take the new cages.

While I was there, I asked H to check the wear on my rear cassette with his nifty homemade wear checker. It is time for a new cassette - the middle range of gears are very worn. Or at least to replace the worn cogs. A new cassette is 135. Ouch.

Rubber side down, helmet side up. CU

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