14 July 2013

Twelve and one half times Two

#275 / #81

Red Leader and I used one of Alphabent's twice monthly workshops as an excuse to ride down to Sacramento from William B. Pond park. We were the only attendees, so I'm glad we did. It is 12.5 (or .4) miles from William Pond to the shop on C Street. Not too hot in the morning, but kind of bothersome around noon. It was 92 today. That's about my limit for riding in heat.

I wrapped up for the ride back in bright red sun blocking leggings, a sunblocking neck gaiter pulled up over my cheeks and ears, and my lightweight longsleeved bright yellow shirt. Red Leader reapplied his sunscreen.

I drank a bottle of water on the way down, a bottle of electrolyte solution while hanging around the shop, then the same thing on the way back, with the electrolyte finished off in the car. I did use the last 1/2 pint of water in my bottle for pouring over my head at the end of the ride to wash some of the sweat out of my hair and keep it from dripping in my eyes.

I decided, after talking to H at Alphabent, to forgo replacing my rear cassette just yet. I will spend the next few months concentrating on my middle chain ring and the higher gears in back - less worn. H advised that I let it all go until I just can't stand it anymore, then replace things.

We learned a lot about "exotic gearing" today: Roloff, Schumph, continuous variable transmissions. Neat.

I picked up some gorilla tape to stick my rear fender back together.

Make do and Mend, that's my style.

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