29 September 2013

Four Footed Frolic

#291 / #96

Red Leader took a ride last Sunday after my 44 mile ride.
Then on Wednesday (yes, several days ago), we went out together on our usual ride on the American River Trail.

Now, it was several days ago, and my memories have faded a bit, but I do remember some things: it was good to ride with my sweetheart, it was nice and cool, and we were entertained by a half-grown coyote who was hanging around the trail. He stared at us and we stared at him. Saw him on the way back also.

I also got to yell at a German Shepherd Dog who was off leash and totally and utterly fascinated by Red Leader on his trike. Before we rode by, the dog was contentedly trotting along his owner's side. By the time RL had ridden past the dog, the dog was in the trail, looking somewhat baffled yet interested. I yelled, "Ha, Hup, Git!" (all I could think of at the time) and the dog's owner called his dog back. Everybody in earshot of me looked around, startled. I am loud.

Anyway, that's about all I remember. I missed our Saturday ride (Red Leader went by himself) due to other obligations.

CU and remember, rubber side down!

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