15 September 2013

Land o' Nuts

#288 / #93

P-p-p-pop. Bang!






It is fall in Northern California, which means things fall. The temperature, the leaves. But most of all the nuts. Tree nuts, all over the trails. We on trikes have three times the chance for TINGs! with our three tracks.

Red Leader and I had intended to start in Folsom's parking garage, but it was being used as "for pay" parking for some giant sidewalk sale (flea market?). So we headed over to the Glenn St. Lightrail station, and got on the trail that way.

We went from Folsom to Sunrise and back again, eschewing the north side of the river. On the way back, we decided to take the Folsom Parkway Rail Trail from the outlet mall back to Glenn. Aside from the horrible placement of the pushbutton crossing signals, it was nice. Shady, with - you guessed it - more p-p-p-p-p-pop! Despite the tree nuts, a nice 16 mile ride.

Not a single other recumbent was seen, but we did see another troop of bicycle merit badge Scouts riding along. The kids sure liked our rides!

No flats or other mishaps.



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