11 September 2013

The fit flat flit

#287 / #92

Red Leader and I pulled our trikes out of the car at Sunrise, prior to heading down to Wm Pond for what has become our regular Wednesday evening Bike Date.

My rear tire was flat. Boo hoo, poor me!

So, since I had not yet put the seat on my trike, I stuck it under the frame as a prop (worked great) and removed the rear wheel, putting a new tube in. Decided to tempt Fate and put the wheel back on before inflating (very tight clearance between the frame and the tire and the fender).

In wrestling the wheel back in place, I knocked a right side fender stay loose. Red Leader learned then (he's very helpful) what I knew from bitter experience - the HP Velotechnick fender stay thingies are a PAIN. So my expensive bike has a wad of Gorilla tape holding the fender from bouncing around until I can take the fender stay clamp thing apart and find a new, non-chewed up, nut. Not the first time for trail-side Gorilla tape repairs on the fender.

We ride away, a bit later than usual, but plenty of light left.
Many small fast pacelines, and a packs and packs of runners. Wow. Lots of turkeys also.

We turn around at Wm Pond, flipping on our front and rear lights. I realize after a few hundred yards that my headlight is aimed for cars, so it is probably obnoxious to passing cyclists. It is not dark yet, but other cyclists' light are BRIGHT. So I stop at the top of the bridge to adjust it, and I can't get the clamp to tighten down. I give up and hope that my bright yellow high-viz shirt is enough to other twilight riders to see me. My tail light works fine.

I ride like mad, setting 3 new personal records on Strava segments, catching up to Red Leader, letting his headlight serve as my warning to oncoming cyclists.

I'd like to get RL in some high viz clothing, as the combo of black shorts, red and black trike, black helmet, and medium blue shirt is not very visible at all. He demurs, grumbling something about clowns. I'll settle for lights. For now.

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