04 September 2013


#286 / #91

It was great to get out today with Red Leader, on the lovely and busy American River Trail. I saw 5 pacelines, or maybe 1 paceline once and 2 pacelines twice. They were moving fast. Also saw two recumbent trikes, no recumbent bikes.

A Northern California rider reported (on bikeforums.net) that he and his buddies were followed by a ranger on a motorcycle during their last ride on the trail. We saw one motorized ranger today, but he was cruising the parking lot at the boat launch. I don't know if he headed out on the trail later or if he had a LIDAR gun.

The smoke from the fires in Northern California is mostly gone, so the only smoke we smelled was from the several burnt areas along the trail. Red Leader's heart rate was pretty high, so he didn't keep up his usual blistering pace. Which was OK after two weeks off the trikes (except for my little ride on Monday).

It seems to me that I keep my conditioning from bicycling longer than RL does. Maybe that's just because I have more miles then he does.

I had one mechanical today, a missed shift in front - the chain hung up half on the middle and half on the big ring. Easy to pick it off with my fingers and put it in the right place. I didn't even have to leave my seat! I might need to look at my front derailler adjustment.

It will be hot again this weekend, so I don't know if we'll do any long rides.

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