16 October 2013


Well, I totally forgot to ever write a post for last Wednesday's ride. So just imagine some deranged mutterings and move on.

#295 / #101

Yes, Red Leader's ride count (the 101 above) jumped quite a bit since last we talked. He went on the missing Wednesday ride with me, then went out twice in one weekend while I was off camping in Lake County.

Today, we climbed up to Beals point. We had intended to do this ride, then continue around the lake, but RL had his very first flat on his trike. There was much flinging of pumps and tubes and levers which took rather a long time. So we just went up to Beals after we were all inflated. It was a goathead, I assume. I could not pull the thorn end out of his tire, so I scraped away the pointy bit from the inside of the tire with my pocket knife.

I had not ridden up to Beals since I've been using Strava, so it was all personal records all the time. Average speed 9.6, max speed 26.4 (I pedaled a bit down hill). I stayed in my middle ring nearly the whole climb. It is great having a new cassette in back that stays in gear under load. 4000 miles for a cassette is just too long.

I believe I could have made slightly better time if I had not decided to stay behind RL (as I usually do) while climbing. Maybe some nice cool morning I'll see if I can break my records.

Well, probably not.


  1. Where did you get the idea that a rear cassette is expired at 4K miles? My 11-36T, Shimano, 9 speed cassettes have been going strongly for over 10K miles each. what will wear the gear teeth is contact with a filthy chain. However, you don't strike me as someone who'd go around with a filthy anything, LOL!