19 October 2013

Ridin' with the Uprights

#296 / #92

This was the Saturday scheduled for the Usual Ride with the Usual Suspects around Lake Natoma.

There was a 1/2 marathon in progress this morning around the lake, so I moved the ride for the Casual Hammerin' Wheels to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery instead of old Folsom.

Red Leader had another flat this morning (could not find a thorn in it) so I dunked the previously flatted tube in a sink to find the very very very small and very very very slow leaker. He patched it, put it in the tire, and caught up with us at our turnaround point at William Pond.

I had one new rider, two old hands, and three who did not show up (two of those would have been first-timers - not unusual). Everybody had a good time and for one of the riders today it was her first time riding 18 miles. yay!

A pack of slow-moving upright comfort/hybrid bikes is amusing to ride behind. I would deliberately slow down at the top of a hill, wait for them to get ahead of me, then come coasting down the hill, gaining on them rather rapidly. Which ever one was trailing the bunch would be treated to the sound of my freewheel rattling away, and then I'd usually announce, "Coasting, coasting. Still coasting, coooooooooaaaaasting. Now I'm pedaling." The uprights would have been pedaling for a while at that point.


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