25 October 2013

Sailing South

#299 / #94

Red Leader and I drove over to Stonecreek Park, at Spoto Dr. and Zinfandel in Rancho Cordova, to ride on the Folsom South Canal one more time. We were determined to get to Sloughhouse road, and we did.

I'll try to let my phone pictures + captions tell the story.

The park on Spoto Dr. Two trikes ready to roll.
A bike path that is not marked on Google Maps (you can see it in the satelite image).
Almost there. On the Stonecreek community bike path.
Canal! Yep. It's pretty boring actually.
Starting after the underpass at International, there are several more underpasses, then three level crossings: Jackson, Florin, and Sloughhouse. They are all gated.
In only two cases were the ped gates (on the right here) too narrow for our trikes to roll through. We declined to limbo, pulled out the flags and rolled them under the gate.
We are pretty sure this is a very very long gravel conveyer system.
I had a flat! As a bonus, now all three wheels have Presta valves.

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