06 October 2013

Spoiled for choice

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I just cannot decide what to call this post. Not often do I come up with three fun choices for a title on one ride!

First choice - One of the Boys

Again, today, while Red Leader and I were riding back from Alphabent on the American River Trail, I was lumped in with RL as "gentlemen." Not the first time, won't be the last. More men than women ride bikes, and more men than woman ride trikes. Just the way it is.

Maybe it was because I was not wearing pink...

Second choice - Rogue Tutu

Today was the Princess Promenade, where otherwise sensible women dress themselves in tiara, tutus, fairy wings and other assorted bling and ride around on the trail.
I did not come up with the 'Rogue Tutus,' that was another female rider (also not part of the Parade of Pink) who decided not to pass me just yet as there may be oncoming Rogue Tutus. And there were.

I could hear her comments because ...

Third Choice - Stealth Mode

Red Leader's trike has been getting noisier and noisier on recent rides, so we rode down to the shop on C Street to have it looked at.
I let RL and the shop owner do their thing while I stood around swapping stories and talking gear with two of the other people who had come down for the flat tire workshop.
Once again, someone I didn't know knew me from some of my posts here and on Bent Rider (to wrap this back to the beginning, female 'bent riders are noteworthy).
Red Leader's noise was GONE on the ride back.
It turned out to be the freewheel: the grease in there (packed in an attempt to quiet the very noisy pawls) had collected lots of grit. Cleaned of old grease and treated with light oil instead it was blissfully quiet.


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