31 October 2013

The Fl*t F*iry

#300 / #95

Red Leader had his third visit in as many weeks from her highness, the puckish and pointed Fl*t F*iry. We unloaded the trikes to find his rear tire flat.

Also, we discovered that, although his trike came fitted with Presta valves, his front rims (at least) are drilled out for Schrader with an annoying and difficult to replace rubber grommet making up the difference.

When I was in the process of swaping out my tubes for Presta valved versions, I sought in vain for the rubber grommets and settled for the aluminium versions. Red Leader has my spare aluminium version in his rim now. The rubber one was too difficult to get back in place. Hurrah for aluminium!

After a little swearing and after comparing my rear wheel (on the trike) to his disassembled one, he got the rear wheel back in place and we rolled out of Sunrise Rec Area on our way to Watt and back - about 20 miles.

We both want to ride more miles in a week. If we did two rides of 20 instead of one of 20 and one of 12, we'd be on our way. Red Leader works full time (I'm self employed making doll clothes) so he does not have much time during the week to ride. However, the next few months look rosy for riding, as RL has way to much vacation time accrued and will be working 1/2 time after next week's code freeze (programmer lingo for "whew, we can relax a bit").

We saw six recumbents today, split evenly between trikes and bikes. A fellow who often rides with the Sacramento Recumbent Riders followed us back to our car and asked my opinion about the Green Valley stretch of the Western Express American Cycling Association route. (We live (and I ride) on that section). We've seen him on the handful of rides we went on with that group. It was good to talk to him again.

Rubber side down (and not in the rims).

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