02 October 2013

The Trail People

#292 / #97

Red Leader and I cruised the American River Trail tonight, leaving our car in the usual parking spot with a new yearly pass hanging in the window. If you time your Sacramento Regional Park Pass purchases properly (alliteration!) you can get 13 months out of one pass. Which we do.

Anyway, there were lots of people out this afternoon - we reached our turn-around point about 45 minutes before sunset, with plenty of time to get back to the car before dark. We ran our lights anyway.

Roadies - packs and singletons tearing up the trail, some laughing and chatting while blazing past, and some grimly intent on the wheel in front.
Families - kids on their own bikes, on trail-a-bikes, in handlebar and rear-mounted child carriers.
Couples - usually one strong rider and one not as strong. Saw a shirt from a 'pancake ride'. Yum, pancakes!
I saw one x-tra cycle - pretty neat - a way of adding cargo capacity to your bike by moving the rear wheel back and bedecking the extra space with bags.
Speaking of bags, we saw several probable tourists - bags front and rear, intently pedaling.
One fisherman - cruising along on a mountain bike, wearing his fishing vest of many pockets, and a very long pole somehow attached to the bike.
Orange shirt guy - chatting on his phone and weaving around the trail.
Green and black guy: fast black bike, black shorts, old faded bags (green) on the back, and a green shirt. I believe he was accidentally matchy-matchy.

We saw one handcycle and one two wheeled recumbent with a small front fairing.

No critters today.

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