20 October 2013

The un-Skunk Patrol

#297 / #93

We didn't see a single skunk. I saw one cat - black and white. I'm sure it was not a skunk. Two other deranged cyclists, and a few walkers. We experienced one microclimate and the sound of tree debris crunching under our tires.

Yes, it was time once again to strap on lights, gird our loins, and go for a night-ride in Folsom.

It went better for both of us than last time. Red Leader's headlight did not run out of batteries, and I successfully re-aimed my headlight farther out in front of me so more of the path was lit up.

I do get quite anxious riding at night: a combination of adrenaline and gut-clenching terror. Which I suppose is just adrenaline taken to the point of absurdity.  That anxiousness is why I want to ride at night - face it and defeat it.

There are some new houses going in along the bike path, and with those houses comes new landscaping. The builders are being responsible and watering at dusk. Boy, it was COLD pedaling by that landscaping. The cool moist air was trapped along the bike path by the new brick wall. But we soon warmed up and were quite comfortable for the rest of the ride.

I had finally gotten around to adding reflective strips to my usual bike clothes: a 7" piece along the hem of my shorts  on each side - on the side-front where it will be visible from the side, a long piece on the back of each sleeve, and a band around the sleeves' cuffs.

When you are wearing reflective stuff you can't tell it is reflective. You can only tell if you see it at a distance. So, when we were done with our ride, I handed RL my little AA cell CREE flashlight (I wear it on my helmet) and pranced through the parking lot, brandishing our bundle of reflective Purple Sky flags. Red Leader obligingly flashed the light at me and pronounced the added stripes on my clothes just as bright as the reflective bits on the flags. Yay!

Red Leader and I are trying to figure out how to add more riding to our week. The weather will turn soon, and I'm not sure if it is feasible to add front fenders to a Gekko that is unfolded and folded for each ride. RL can't add intensity to a ride (must keep heart rate below a certain level) so we are going to shoot for some combo of longer/more frequent rides.

Rubber side down, my darlings.

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