05 November 2013



Went for a "ride your age" ride today. Which would be 51 years and 51 miles.

The weather was beautiful, in the high 40s at the start of my ride this morning, and around 60 at the end. I wore a windbreaker and my midweight wool pullover over my usual wicking shirt. I added wool gloves and a wool Buff.

As the day warmed up, I shed layers, ending up in bike tights and my wicking shirt.

I saw a bunch of turkey vultures cooling off in the sun on the top of a tree, a coyote crossing the trail, and three or four deer.

I saw one faired recumbent bike, one unfaired bike, and a couple of trike riders. And one pack of fast riders in a long fast double pace line. Also a bunch of highschool students, as well as the usual assortment of road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes.

I brought along 4 mandarin oranges and ate one about every 12 miles.
I was pretty hungry by the time I got to about 40 miles, so I stopped at the vending machine at the Sac State Aquatic center for a bag of goldfish crackers. Yum! After my ride, I ate lunch at my favorite place, Karen's Bakery Cafe, ordering a salad sampler with salmon salad, Moroccan chicken salad, and wheatberry salad. All good.

I did pretty well, considering I have not done a ride this long for a couple years. My hip flexors are pretty tired and I admit to crawling up the last few hills in my most granniest gear.


  1. Happy birthday, Liz. keep riding and you'll be doing it at age 151! Your trike blog is the best one, on the net.


    1. Thanks, Nipper, I do enjoy writing these posts and it is GREAT to know they don't just languish out there, lonely and neglected!

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