17 November 2013



Red Leader decided to sleep in today, so I set off at 8:15am from the parking lot at Lower Sunrise Recreation area to ride 1 hour and 45 minutes over to Alphabent, where Other Shop Dude was holding a workshop on shifters. I learned a lot and got to chat with the couple that were visiting the shop (when it was in Dixon) when RL was buying his Gekko. Sweet!

It was pretty chilly this morning (when I'm not having hot flashes I seem to be slowly freezing to death) and I think it is time to find the shoe covers I bought last spring. I wore full fingered gloves and my wool Buff and a wool shirt over my wicking shirt, and some Supplex tights from Aerotech designs. Eventually, I shed the gloves and the buff. Finally, the last half of the ride back, I shed the wool shirt.

I didn't see any deer this morning, but I did see huge coyote. He eyeballed me from the grass on the other side of the trail and I waved one arm and shouted HA. He was not impressed. I'll confess I kept one eye in my rearview and one hand on the pepper spray for a few minutes after that.

I chatted for a few moments (while rolling along) with a woman riding a Sun delta trike. Fun!

Coming back, I was pretty slow moving - my glutes are tired and so are my hip flexors. Those're what I seem to use most when riding. I kept myself distracted by playing Tommy Dorsey and Glen Miller selections on my little speakers. I have a playlist on my I-thing called "Swingin' T-bones". Nice.

Red Leader may go out on a ride by himself tomorrow, it will be ride #100 for him!


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