28 November 2013

Salmon poop

#307 / #101

Yes, you see correctly - Red Leader has passed the 100 ride mark on his trike. Yay!

I had a horrible sinus cold last week so I missed going on his ride #100.

We went out this morning on the American River Trail to earn a little bit of our Thanksgiving Day dinner. There were some other people out, all seemed to be in a holiday mood, not really riding too hard and smiling a lot. Nice.

We started at Sunrise, which is rather near the river, as is the area on the trail near Hagen Park. I don't know what is going on with the American River, but it STANK today. Smelled like someone overflowed a sewer into a swamp. Ick. Red Leader decided it must be from all the salmon who are making their way upstream this time of year.
Fish poop. Yeahnaw, I don't think so.

We'll ride some other day this weekend as well.


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