01 December 2013

Enthusiast or Unbalanced?

#308 / #102

Lovely lovely lovely weather this first day of December. Mid 60s, calm, sunny. Tons of people out on the trail.

For a change, we started at Folsom and rode just past Sunrise recreation area and back, along the south side of the river both ways, swooping up and down the hills, moving at a pretty good clip. Red Leader's longer boom position continues to pile on the speed.

Our turn around spot was the sunny, grassy bathroom block just down river from Lower Sunrise Recreation Area. You may know it as near the place Cowbell Dude sits on a bench and ding-a-lings to encourage riders.

As we were taking turns in the bathrooms, I overheard once cyclist comment to another, "I usually think he's just an enthusiast, but sometimes I wonder if he's just unbalanced." One could say that same thing about rabid, frothing trike riders as well: willing to ramble on and on about our marvelous machines, chatting up complete strangers at the drop of a hat, and otherwise disrupting cocktail conversations from coast to coast. Ain't it great?

Looks like still great weather on Wednesday, our next planned ride.

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