26 December 2013


#313 / #107

I figured we ought to ride off some of yesterday's pie, so we headed on down to the American River Parkway, and cruised just like we did last ride: Sunrise to Watt and back. Red Leader set a personal record (Strava) for the ride back from Watt. Go RL!

We saw Pink Cruiser Girl again, this time riding towards us. And two recumbent bikes, one with a little fairing, one without. And two trikes, who we passed in a rumble of tires and swoosh of air. A cute little dog was riding in a basket on the lead trike. Both trikes were orange (I approve) and other than that I have no idea what kind of trikes they were. The fun kind, I imagine.

The weather was lovely - 65 or 70 degrees, calm, and sunny! We both wore shorts, and Red Leader wore his new jersey. I made it with yellow sleeves and a blue body and black cuffs and collar. There's no zipper, it just pulls over the head. I altered (made longer and larger) a free (yes, FREE) pattern from Shelby.fi for the Vuokatti pullover and used some two way stretch wicking UPF 30 fabric from Rockywoods.

The yellow blows out every camera sensor I've tried in on. But you get the idea. The fellow in the distance on the left is one of the recumbents we saw today.

That's all. Probably a ride on Saturday, I hope. Maybe 30 miles? Hint hint.

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