21 December 2013

Pink cruiser girl

#312 / #106

Red Leader and I went on a 20 miler today, on the American River Trail from Sunrise to Watt and back. Plenty of people out enjoying the sunshine. Saw 4 - 5 deer who were strolling across the trail, utterly unconcerned with the various bicycles.

Saw one recumbent bike and one recumbent trike, and another trike as we were leaving the parking lot on our way out.

Red Leader got a good head of steam coming down the hill from William Pond on our way to Watt, passing a small woman on a pink cruiser type bike. I didn't bother passing her since I figured she'd pass RL on the upcoming small rises. And she did. She was pushing that cruiser about 15mph - wheeee!

The Underarmor Cold Gear shirt I made for Red Leader is working out well. He wore leg warmers under his shorts but I ditched mine early in the ride. I wore my Ibex lightweight wool shirt (long sleeved) with arm warmers over it, and my wool Buff over my ears. No need for a second shirt or jacket or vest. About 60 degrees today. Cool in the shade, perfect in the sun.


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