22 January 2014

Grin or Grimace?

#320 / #114

We rolled this afternoon from Sunrise to Howe on the American River Trail (and back), for about 22 miles of delightfully unseasonal weather. Coming back, we had the sun behind us and I found some amusement in the grimacing faces of oncoming traffic, squinting against the sun.

We saw some regular recumbents folks, a grey velo and the gray haired FAST dude on a recumbent with a fairing, and a handful of other recumbent bikes, but no other trikes. Many packs of joggers out, not much wildlife that I could see.

I took along a bit of homemade gu and didn't run out of energy this time. Yay.

13.2 mph average, 22.6 miles, a paltry 68 feet of elevation.

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